URTI is the oldest audiovisual international organisation, the only one entirely dedicated to the world. Today, its activities develop around three main lines, in radio as in television:

  • the programme exchanges
  • the international Grand Prix
  • the trainings and co-productions

The programme exchanges

URTI has an unequalled experience in the organization of programme exchanges, in television as in radio.

In television, our Union has at its disposal a consolidated catalogue of more than 6,000 programmes free of rights, offered to the members for free.
In radio, the very innovative new Web platform allows our members to exchange, co-produce and transmit programmes in real time wherever they are.
Extracts and technical forms of these programmes can be viewed on our site, in the video library space.

The international Grand Prix

Each year URTI organizes the International URTI Radio Grand Prix and the International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary. These prizes of international renown allow to promote the vitality of contemporary audiovisual production. Each of the two juries is made up of fifteen to twenty professionals from the whole world, who take crossed views to single out the most remarkable works by their quality and originality.

With 86 participating countries URTI confirmed its place in the first rank of radio and television international Grand Prix.

Trainings and co-productions

URTI wishes to favour co-productions.

To the television members is offered a space for contacts which will allow them to launch co-productions on subjects of their choice.

To the radio members is offered a simple and high-performance tool: the Exchanges Co-productions Transmissions platform. It allows first to dispatch programmes free of rights, in real time and between the entirety of the members around a federating big event of international scope (Current events). It also gives members the opportunity to start co-productions on the subjects of their choice. Each member is free to propose or to join a co-production according to the chosen subject or language of work.

URTI regularly enforces trainings, notably in the priority field of radio archive digitalization.

The general Direction plans to develop cooperation with its partners, in particular with the other audiovisual and institutional organisations.

URTI is at the same time a high-performance tool for use in radio and television organisations facing a more and more competitive environment, and a place for synergies and exchanges between its members. Our Union develops after a model which allows its members to save important amounts of money but also to meet around a similar will to share values and contents in order to enrich the world audiovisual landscape.