Institutional partners

ICRC, International Committee of the Red Cross


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“Our institution chose this membership because its concern is the promotion by all means of the humanitarian international rights, of the rules of behaviour during combat and of the responsibility of states in protecting civil populations during an armed conflict.
URTI appears to be a mode of promotion totally adapted to this concern, thanks to the large and strong network it has at its disposal inside the public service television channels of its member States, in the North as well as in the South.”
Frédéric Joli, spokesperson for the Red Cross in France, on October 27th 2010.

UN, United Nations

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“The UN and URTI have a lot in common, turned towards dialogue and a mission of international cooperation. Both are organisations in their sixties.
The UN wishes to distribute archives of audio and video material in different languages and can put them at the disposal of journalists through URTI. The UN pays tribute to the dynamism and vision of URTI.”
Caroline Petit, news and media department in New York, on October 21st 2010.

UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

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“URTI ensures for its members the putting in common and the free broadcast of quality radio and television cultural contents. It constitutes since its origin a base of reference audiovisual programmes. The broadcast of the selected programmes, based on the reciprocity principle without constraints, favours the development of media in the developing countries. It also participates little by little and in a practical way in the mutual understanding and the prevention of conflicts by building a common imagination. In its spirit and its activities URTI echoes the philosophy of UNESCO.
The assessment of our cooperation is positive. We can go still further. I wish that our cooperation increase for the development of a modern and dynamic public service radio and television, and I insist on this, independent on the editorial level.”
Irina Bokova, UNESCO General Director, on October 21st 2010.