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Neighbours but heaven still out of reach

This is the story of Cyprus. Last divided country in the united Europe. Place of paradox. Today Cyprus celebrates its great day - the independence day. Unfortunately it is bittersweet. Since 1960 it is not anymore British colony. However liberty did not bring long expected peace but war. The ringing of division bell had begun. Presently country is divided into two sides. First one is inhabited by Greek Cypriots. The second one is so - called Turkish Republic of the Northern Cyprus, which is not recognized by the United Nations. Finalist in the 25th URTI International Radio Grand Prix

  • Production :Polskie Radio
  • Version :Polish
  • Script : yes
  • Year : 2013
  • Country : Poland
  • Running time :13'00"
  • Subject :Documentaries, International URTI Radio Grand Prix, Frontiers
  • Showing of extracts allowed : Yes
  • Limit Country : No