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2015-02-02A new Exective Board has been elected at the last General Assembly on January, 2015, in Paris.
Here are the new members of the Executive Board.

Amadou VAMOULKÉ (Cameroon)
General director - CRTV

Vice-presidents (Africa, Europe and Arab World)
Tewfik KHELLADI (Algeria)
General director - EPTV

Hervé RIESEN (France)
Direction of international relations - Radio France

Bali Idrissa SISSOKO (Mali)
General director - ORTM

Treasurer - Secretary
Ahmad MAKAILA (Chad)
Deputy general director - ONRTV

President of the Radio Commission
Farid TOUALBI (Algeria)
Director of cooperation – Algerian radio

President of the Television Commission
Bekim HASANI (Kosovo)
Director of development strategy - RTK

Other members of the executive Board
Abdelouahed BELGHITI ALAOUI (Morocco)
Director of the cooperation department - SNRT

Lidia MÁRTON (Hungary)
Director of international relations - MTVA

Ramadan RAWASHDEH (Jordan)
General director - JRTV

Dan SANTA (Roumanie)
Director of international relations - ROR

Thaddée SIRYUYUMUNSI (Burundi)
General director - RTNB

UNESCO Representative (Permanent guest)

General Secretary
General Director : Daniel Brouyère
TV & Radio International Exchanges Officer: Fabienne Dobo
TV & Radio Grand Prix Policy Officer: Nathalie Lacroix
Video technician: Faissal Assoumani
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