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Call for projects : a logo for the FRANCO-Phonie 3.0 project

2013-10-31NEW DEALINE: 15th November 2013 - The Steering Committée of the FRANCO-Phonie3.0 project has launched a Call for projects for the creation of the official FRANCO-Phonie 3.0 logo and visual identity.
Call is open to young creative people from the countries involved by the project (Bulgaria, Cameroon, Morocco, Romania, Senegal and Tunisia).

Proposals must be submit by November 15th 2013 (mail stamp be a prove), to the following address: 

Appel à projet logo et charte visuelle «FRANCO-Phonie 3.0»

A l’attention de M Karim Faik
SNRT, 1 rue El Brihi

Any proposal received after the deadline will not be considered.

For more information: 

+ 33 (0)1 56 40 17 81 -
+212 (06) 61914408 -

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