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For public media's farther access to sports rights

2013-10-18Following the URTl General Assembly (Paris , 17 October 2013) , the members adopted a "Statement on sports rights " to express their solidarity to Tewfik Khelladi’s EPTV in its campaign for a more equitable access to sports rights for the public media service. 

The public media service, through the Union, play a decisive role in sport and cultural activities’ ethical and moral values’ promotion. This objective can only be achieved if the free wider access to public events is guaranteed, particularly in most important of them, football included.

In this context , URTI’s members wished to remind that the ethic of sharing must always prevail over commercial considerations and launched a solemn call to all the stakeholders ( international federations , continental and national professional organizations and public media ) to find quickly an appropriate solution – by way of example, the European Convention on Transfrontier Television’s relevant provisions - to ensure the public service’s regular functioning by ensuring the sports programs’ diffusion, including football, which need to be reachable by the largest possible number of viewers and listeners without any kind of hindrance or discrimination.

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