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30th International URTI Radio Grand Prix


Call for entries until September 1st 2018


For its 30th edition, the International URTI Radio Grand Prix launches its call for entries on the theme: CULTURAL INTANGIBLE HERITAGE. 


Be ready to participate:


- The URTI competition is open free of charge to any radio broadcasting organisation or association and institution which devotes itself to the audiovisual media. 
- URTI Grand Prix award: 500$ (five hundred dollars). Length of the programmes: 60 minutes maximum.
- Programmes should be entered in their original version. A script of each programme must be provided in French or in English if the proposed version is not in one of these two languages.
- The files of the programmes will be sent via internet.                                              

- You can register your programmes by sending us back the entry form or directly on:


Contact:  Nathalie Lacroix -

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