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Winners of 33rd International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary


The award-winning list of the 33rd International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary - ARMAN Trophy - was announced during a ceremony organized in the presence of many personalities at the Hotel de Paris in Monte-Carlo on Sunday, June 8 2014, in the framework of the 54th Monte-Carlo Television Festival.
Bernard Yerles, actor and director, succeeded Youssou N’dour for the presidency of the final Jury made up of managers from public televisions from fifteen countries.

Grand Prix - ARMAN Trophy
Scheherazade’s Diary

Lebanon - Catharsis Lebanese Center for Drama Therapy - 80'
Direction: Zeina Daccache

In the Baabda jail in Lebanon, a group of women prisoners organise a theatrical performance which stages their personal paths, covered by life splits. Their questions , their doubts but also the rediscovery of their feminity lead this terribly touching story …

Silver Medal: Rwagasore, Life, Fight, Hope
Burundi - RTNB - 65’
Direction: Justine Bitagoye & Pascal Capitolin

Through an historical and poetic approach, this documentary tells the destiny of Louis Rwagasore who drew the democratic and pacifist lines of the independence of Burundi in 1960. The tragic fate of Louis Rwagasore, murdered in 1961, raised this humanist personality to the rank of a myth and symbolises still today the whole hope of the Burundi nation.

Bronze Medal: The Voice of Peace

Germany - NDR - 90'
Direction: Eric Friedler

Through Abie Nathan’s biography, the story of this crazy dream of « the Voice of Peace ».
A pirated radio station settled on a boat which transmitted from « somewhere in the Mediterranean » and then, from 1973 to 1993, campaigned for the brotherhood of the people in the Near East. Broadcasting this message of « Peace and Love » with the sound of the whole music of this time …

Prix Martine Filippi de la découverte  Mohamed et le pêcheur

Italy - RAI - 54'
Direction: Marco Leopardi

The story of a miracle between two men, whose destinies met each other in the hugeness
of the Mediterranean. One is an immigrant, the other is a fisherman.

The sinking of a boat people leads Mohamed to the limits of death, except he did not meet
Vito who catched on the horizon this fragment of life he will never leave. The tale of both
men and the illustration, through them, of the tragedy of the clandestin immigration
towards the North countries.

The Jury
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