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URTI at the service of Tunisian Television and Tunisian Radio


URTI puts 154 programmes at the disposal of Tunisian Television. This International Union of radios and televisions will also train the staff of Tunisian Television and Tunisian Radio to the use of the new Web platform ECT (Exchange, Co-production, Transmission).

Following the events which led to an upheaval of the Tunisian Medias, URTI enforces cooperation with the country, from which both public radio and television organizations have been URTI members for decades.
The 154 programmes proposed to the Tunisian Television are documentaries and children programmes which come from URTI’s catalogue of exchanges and were offered free of rights by the public broadcasters of Belgium, Canada, Egypt, France, Iraq, Morocco, Niger, Palestine, Syria, Yemen as well as from UNESCO.
Besides, Tunisian Radio will also benefit from URTI’s services. Its staff will be trained to use the new Web platform ECT to exchange, co-produce programmes and fulfil its own transmission needs internally.
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