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Belgian actor Bernard Yerlès to direct the work of URTI's International Grand Prix Jury

2014-06-05The Jury of the 33rd International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary will be chaired by famous Belgian actor Bernard Yerlès.

He will lead the final Jury of 18 international TV channel representatives coming from 15 countries, that will gather from June 6th to 8th in the framework of the prestigious Monte-Carlo TV Festival to select the winners among 10 finalist documentaries :

More about Bernard Yerlès

Actor trained at INSAS, Bernard Yerlès first worked for theatre in Belgium for 10 years, before his succcess in France where he gets many roles. On television, he has worked with Stephane Clavier, Denis Granier Defferren, Thierry Chabert, Alain Tasma, Philippe Trisboit, Gilles Behat, Christian Faure, Arnaud Selignac, Charlotte Brantroëm... For cinema, he has worked under the direction of Chantal Akerman, Andre Delvaux, Pierre Salvadori, Jaco Van Dormael, Marie-Anne Chazel, Thomas Gillou, Chantal Lauby, Philippe Muyl ...

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