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Closing of the 65th URTI General Assembly


The URTI 65th General Assembly took place in Paris, on October 16th 2013, at the France Télévisions headquarters.

Almost 80 participants, representing public broadcasting organizations from 27 countries, had the opportunity to discuss about different topics related to the Union’s general organisation and took on a share of the URTI’s Radio and Television Commissions.

Three new members have been accepted by the General Assembly ( TV10 and Radio10 of Rwanda , BNT of Bulgaria and Radio Mauritania).

On this same occasion the elections of the executive board members’ were held.

New URTI Executive Board members  

URTI's members list 

Finally , the Tewfik Khelladi’s proposal about free access to sports rights Resolution was unanimously adopted by the members.

Among others : Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Benin , Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroon , Denmark, Egypt, France , Guinea , Hungary , Italy, Kosovo, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco , Palestine , Portugal, Romania, Russia, Rwanda , Senegal, Switzerland, Chad , Tunisia, Vietnam were present.

Download here the 2013 General Assembly photo album 

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