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27th International URTI Radio Grand Prix - Awards List

2015-09-22Made up of ten audiovisual personalities, the Jury met in Turin (Italy), from September 20th until 22d 2015, at the invitation of the Prix Italia and under the presidency of Mihaela Schefer, International Projects Manager at Radio RAI. The Jury selected 10 finalist programmes and the Jacques Matthey-Doret award for discovery.With the theme "Multiculturalism", representing 28 countries.

The 27th International URTI Radio Grand Prix established a great participation this year again, representing 28 countries.

Grand Prix: Le derviche déchu
Anna Sakali, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, ERT, Greece

Silver Medal: J’ai appris la France sur des cassettes de Brel
Nina Almberg, ARTE Radio, France

Bronze Medal: Bus Stop - Stranger
Agnieszka Czyżewska Jacquemet, Polish Radio Lublin, Poland

Jacques Matthey-Doret Award for Discovery:
Cameroun : Le merveilleux fumet d’un bouillon de culture
, Joseph René Tsobgny, CRTV, Cameroon

- Le « retour » des enfants d’immigrés en Turquie - RTBF - Belgium
- The Vietnamese dirty dancing - Czech Radio - Czech Republic
- Kids Berlin-Kreuzberg: 4 girls, 24 hours - SWR - Germany
- I’m Italian, starting from today - Radio RAI 3 - Italy
- African rhythms - Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation - Romania
- Life gives us life - Sumy Regional State Television and Radio Company - Ukraine
- Three pounds in my pocket - BBC - United Kingdom

In 2015, the winner of the Radio GRAND PRIX gets a 1,000 dollar reward.

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