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Signature of a cooperation agreement between URTI and COPEAM

2012-10-18On the occasion of the 64th URTI General Assembly and in the framework of the « Rencontres Radio 2.0 » that took place at INA-Paris (France) last October 18th, the Presidents of the Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (COPEAM) Mr Mathieu Gallet, and of the International Radio and Television Union (URTI), Mr Jean-Luc Hees, signed a cooperation agreement focusing on the circulation of the audiovisual works and, in particular, on international co-productions.

International circulation and audiovisual programmes exchange

COPEAM organizes the exchange of news in the European‐Mediterranean region (ERNMed) and coordinates many audiovisual co-production projects involving its members. URTI runs an exchange catalogue of 4,000 programmes among its international radiobroadcaster members. Cooperation between URTI and COPEAM will allow to establish an exchange hub in order to favour the global circulation of high-quality audiovisual programmes.

International cooperation and co-productions

With its ECT platform (Exchanges, Co-productions, Transmissions), URTI has achieved a great know-how in conceiving and implementing online professional collaboration tools. On request, URTI would be able to support COPEAM in the coordination of its audiovisual coproduction activities by developing or adapting its technical collaboration tools to the specific needs of the different projects. A pilot framework in this sense could be provided by existing co-productions, such as the radio magazine Kantara.

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