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27th International URTI Radio Grand Prix - CALL FOR ENTRIES

2015-05-26Call for entries until Friday 4 September 2015

For its 27th edition, the International URTI Radio Grand Prix launches its call for entries on the theme of MULTICULTURALISM.

Be ready to participate:
- The URTI competition is open free of charge to any radio broadcasting organisation or association and institution which devotes itself to the audiovisual media.
- URTI Grand Prix award: 1,000$ (one thousand dollars). Length of the programmes: 60 minutes maximum.
- Programmes should be entered in their original version. A script of each programme must be provided in French or in English if the proposed version is not in one of these two languages.
- The programmes must be sent on CD or recorded directly on the URTI website.
- You can register your programmes by sending us back the enclosed entry form or directly on

Contact: Nathalie Lacroix -

To register now: click here

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