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World Radio Day : opening of the official website

February 13 is the date set by UNESCO and validated by the general Assembly of the UN to celebrate World Radio Day (WRD). These celebrations will rest on the international cooperation established between radio broadcasters from the whole world along with their listeners. This day will make it possible to promote the access to information and freedom of expression on the air.

On the occasion of the first edition of World Radio Day, UNESCO and an International Committee made up of the twelve main audiovisual and telecommunication organizations launched a call for participation to invite professionals from radio and their listeners to record short messages about the importance of radio.

During winter of 2013, internet surfers from 48 countries shared and downloaded more than 2500 times hundreds of messages on the official website an interactive platform implemented by URTI for the International WRD Committee. On February 13 2013, these messages were broadcast by radio stations in the whole world in the framework of the World Radio Day celebrations.

The new website was formally opened on Monday December 9 2013 – in the framework of the ASBU general Assembly – by the attending representatives of several audiovisual organizations members of the WRD International Committee (ABU, ASBU, AIBD, IBU, EBU, URTI and COPEAM).

Many international radio stations already showed their support to this new edition by committing to providing its promotion for their listeners on their stations and their Websites. The listeners are invited to go already to to deposit their audio messages in every language. These messages will be downloaded by radio stations from the whole world who will broadcast them on the air and on their sites all day long on February 13 2014 to celebrate the Radio media.

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