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URTI 70th General Assembly in Paris



70th General Assembly


1.       Adoption of the agenda and the minutes of URTI general Assembly, 02/01/2017


 2.       Financial situation                                                                                                              

·   2017 budget: Detailed budgetary execution                                                                     

·   2018 financial perspectives   


 3.       Activities report                                                                                                                        

·   Assessment of URTI Radio and Television International Grands Prix                               

·   Assessment of programmes exchanges                                                                                

·   Projects                                                                                                                              

·   Point on the staff


4.       State of the membership fees and study of the members not up to date                 

·   Situation and debate of the membership fees arrears


5.       Elections                                                                                                                                           

·   The President of the executive Board (two-year mandate)

·   The Director general

·   The three Vice-presidents of the executive Board

·   The Secretary-Treasurer

·   The Presidents of Radio/Television Commissions

·   The five other members of the executive Board

·   Two auditors 

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