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Public Broadcasters International (PBI) Conference in Washington, DC - 6/8 Nov 2013


Since 1990, Public Broadcasters International has brought public service broadcasting (PSB) executives from around the world together to share experiences and ideas about how best to deal with challenges unique to PSBs. The annual PBI Conference takes place in Washington, DC, November 6-8, 2013, and will be hosted by PBS.


The organizers are currently confirming speakers for various sessions and they are interested in your thoughts about the Agenda. Is there something you are hoping to learn more about at PBI 2013? Email them with your ideas. Your input will guide them in preparing the sessions and ensure speakers address the topics that concern you the most. The Agenda team can be reached at


PBI Registration is open. Did you know that our special Hotel rates expire on October 11? For more information on the Mayflower Renaissance, and to make reservations, visit the Hotel and Travel page here. Travel to the United States from abroad may require a Visa. Visit our Visas page to learn more about:
  • Traveling to the U.S.
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Visa Waiver Program and ESTA
If you have any questions or concerns, write at

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