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Palmares of the 32nd International URTI Grand Prix for Author's Documentary - Arman Trophy

URTI reinforced its place as leader in international audiovisual grand prix by setting a new participation record with 83 countries represented by 317 documentaries in competition. The award-winning list of the 32nd International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary - ARMAN Trophy - was announced during a ceremony organized in the presence of many personalities at the Hermitage Hotel in Monte-Carlo on Monday, June 10 2013, in the framework of the 53rd Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Youssou N’dour succeeded to Claude Lelouch for the honorary presidency of the final Jury made up of managers from public televisions from seventeen countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Arab World.

Grand Prix – ARMAN Trophy: The Forgotten
Spain - TVE - 58’ Directed by: Carles Caparrós

They are called “mad” or “possessed”, rejected by the village community, prisoners of a tree trunk in an open place or chained to a tree. Grégoire Ahongbonon decided once and for all to break the chains of the mentally ill through several African countries. Strong images, with a symbolical meaning for these ill people prisoners of their pathology and above all of the irons of tradition.

Silver Medal: Last Smiles, Gentle Partings
Japan - NHK - 49’ Directed by: Kotaro Koike

Refined storytelling, full of tact and sensitivity, made up of lived memories and of Ruiko’s drawings, a specialised encoffiner who gave back their smiles to more than 300 victims of the tsunami in March 2011. Ruiko thus made it possible to the families to live out their mourning in a dignified and humane way beyond this tragic destiny. 

Bronze Medal: Mr and Mrs Zhang
France - CNC - 52' Directed by: Fanny Tondre & Olivier Jobar

10 years of fruitless underground life in France for this sexagenarian Chinese couple who eventually resign themselves to go back to their native China. “Come empty-handed to go back empty-handed”. Torn between the will to do it all over again and the emergency to find (again) a place in a Chinese economy in full bloom. The fear to loose face in the view of countrymen and the hope to
eventually reach a form of well-being so much searched for. A film with incredibly humane notes with reflections of the swing towards globalization.

Martine Filippi Award for Discovery: The Cry
Yemen - Yemen TV - 83' Directed by: Khadija Al-Salami

This film throws light on the courage of Yemeni women during the recent movement in favour of the democratization of the country. These women stood out by playing a key role, determined and energetic, going as far as smashing certain taboos dictated by a well established tradition which denies women their voices and relegates them behind their full-length veils.
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