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World Radio Day 2012

On 3rd November 2011, the General Conference of UNESCO has approved the proposal, initiated by the Spanish Radio Academy and supported by URTI, EBU, ITU, ABU and WBU, as well as by a large number of other public and commercial Radio organizations, to proclaim 13 February as World Radio Day.
Being the decision to proclaim officially the Radio Day on the agenda of the forthcoming session of the UN, proper celebrations will be organized for the 2013 edition. 
Nonetheless URTI is proud of supporting this initiative since its very beguinning, and counts on the involvement of all its radio partners to make the world celebrate Radio as the most ancient media, yet evergreen, accessible to all and close to all people. 
For this coming 13 February URTI invites all its members to download and broadcast  an audio message by Mrs. Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, in 4 languages – English, French, Spanish and Russian – which you can find clicking here 
On this site you can also find a variety of information and ideas to celebrate the World Radio Day, follow the  “World Radio Day London” workshop in live streaming , browse UNESCO's special sound archives and go through a great deal of statistics, written and video documents and much more. 
We invite you to actively participate to this initiative and to add your personal contribution, sharing with other URTI members information about World Radio Day celebrations in your radio. 
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