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Winners of the 31st URTI International Grand Prix for Author's Documentary - Arman Trophy

2012-06-12The documentary "Sayome" (ERT - Greece) has won the 31st International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary – Arman Trophy. The winner were announced in Monaco on Monday, June 11 2012. The final Jury, presided by the famous French director Claude Lelouch, was made up of professionals from seventeen nationalities. 255 documentaries were selected for the competition by 182 television channels from 72 different countries. The prizes were given in the framework of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival during the ceremony organized at the Hermitage Hotel.

Grand Prix: SAYOME

Presented by: ERT (Greece)
Directed by: Nikos Dayandas
Version: Original with English subtitles - 2011 - 56’

The story of a meeting between two cultures: a couple, a Greek sailor and a Japanese woman, Sayomé, are the symbols of this. Thirty years earlier, Sayomé left her native Japan to go around the world with the man who would become her husband. Today she takes their son to the discovery of his roots. A direction made of nuance and sensitivity for this documentary, which tells us a human and universal story.


Presented by: TV3 (Spain)
Directed by: Enric Bach & Adria Monès
Version: Original with English subtitles - 2011 - 51’

He alone the recurrent theme of the film, a radio speaker gathers the elements of this multicoloured documentary. Rhythm, improvisation, imagination, music, gaiety and getting by! A model dive into the Brazzaville of joy and laughter… Despite the misery of daily life, from the kings of dress to the fighters, this Sunday in Brazzaville proposes an unexpected discovery of a certain African reality.


Presented by: RTS (Switzerland)
Directed by: Dominique Clément
Version : French - 2010 - 2 x 52’

The daily routine of a judge for minors in Switzerland. An ambivalent but colourful character… The camera stands as a witness to the hearings, the deliberations, but also of the times of doubt. Between the lines, this documentary implies the need to permanently rethink the role of Justice which balances between coercion and education.

Martine Filippi Award for discovery: IT’S TIME

Presented by: GMA Network (Philippines)
Directed by: Rember Gelera & Rowena Raganit
Version: Original with English subtitles - 2011 - 70’

With a modern and rhythmical way of filming this documentary raises the crucial issue of the environmental challenges our so-called « developed » societies have to face. Starting from the issue of access to drinkable water in the Philippines, It’s Time develops a striking message of which the reach is essential to humanity.

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