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Cannes 2012 : URTI invites you to the movies


On the occasion of the Festival de Cannes, URTI proposes to its members a "movie special" selection of radio and TV programmes. The menu proposes a "girly" TV series and the brand new radio series "Cinema Stories".

TV offer : "Parfum de femmes" (Scent of women)


"Parfum de femmes" (Scent of women) is a 10 episodes (13' each) produced by France Télévisions. 
It presents a feminine and aesthetical approach of French cinema exclusively highlighting women.

Whatch the series   

Radio offer : "Histoires de cinéma" (Cinema stories)

On the occasion of the Festival de Cannes (16 to 27 May), France Bleu proposes the second season of the original radio series  « Histoires de Cinéma – season 2 » by Thibaud Gaudry.

Each one of the 10 episodes focuses on a different movie following a chronological order, thus covering half a century of seaside cinema. 

Listen and download the series

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