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International Women's Day 2014


If you're a broadcaster you're probably tired of showing same old reportages about women, chocolate and flowers on International Women's Day.

Well, you're right. These contents do not contribute at all to the achievement of gender equity in your society. Do you really want to contribute on raising awareness on gender-equity? We can tell you how.

Do you really want to contribute to raise awareness on gender-equality? We can tell you how.

#1 Instead of broadcasting stereotypical content ABOUT women, promote quality content produced BY talented women professionals.
Here you have a selection of contents from our catalogue. They're interesting, they're for free, they're available for you in real time :


INSTANTANES DU MONDE (Outremer 1ère - France)

A radio series produced by radio-globetrotter Anne Bonneau. Anne will make your listeners discover the Indian Ocean, its people, their culture.
Format : 20'00''
Available episodes : 55
Language : French

Download the radio series (Click here)

COPEAM Special Offer

In the framework of URTI/COPEAM cooperation and on the occasion of World Radio Day 2014, RTVSLO (Slovenia) and RTSH (Albania) produced two radio programmes about gender issues and media.
They are just available for a limited time, so hurry up!

RTVSLO Programme "In the women's land"
Format : 30'00''
Language : Italian (English scripts)

Download it! (Click here

RTSH Programme
Format : 6'00''
Language : English

Download it!  (Click here)


"So far, so near" - URTI International Radio Grand prix 2013 (CRTV - Cameroun)
Produced by : Tabe Enonchong
Format : 13'00''
Language : English, French

Download it (Click here)

"Avec Lucie, pour Lucie" - Jacques Matthey-Doret Award for Discovery 2013 (MTVA - Hungary)
Produced by : Anita Bak
Format : 23' 00''
Language : Hungarian (English script)

Download it (Click here)

"Amours occupés" - Martine Filippi Award for Discovery 2012 (ARTE Radio, France)
Produced by : Marine Vlahovic
Format : 11'00
Language : French

Download it (Click here)

"Children of Sodom and Gomorrah" - 2011 URTI Award for Discovery (ABC - Australia)
Produced by : Sharon Davies
Format : 53'00''
Language : English

Download it (Click here)



Maria Sklodowska Curie (1867-1934) was a beautiful Pole, a French citizen and the first woman in the world to obtain the titles of doctor and professor in Sorbonne as well as two Nobel Prizes.

Format : 30'00
Language : French

Order it! (Click here)

PARFUM DE FEMMES (France Télévisions - France)

A feminine and aesthetical approach of French cinema exclusively highlighting women

Format : Series
Episodes : 10 (13'00'')
Language : French

Order it! (Click here)

UN in action (UNO)

4 episodes produced by United Nations about women's condition in Kabul, Nepal, Philippines and Nepal

Format : 5'00''

Episodes : 4

Language : English

Order it! (Click here)

ON EQUAL BASIS (Euromed-News)

In Djelfa, the traditionally half-nomadic society, recently settled, is still very conservative. Women, in this half-rural area are usually housewives. In order to have this situation evolve and have these women from Djelfa benefit from their right to work, one of them chose to invest in the civil society.

Format : 26'00''
Language : Arabic (I.V. also available)

Order it! '(Click here)

#2 Participate in UNESCO's "Women Make the News" campaign. Can you make sure at least 30% of interview sources in the news you're producing are women? We challenge you!
You can officially take part in this initiative through this link (click to view)

#3 Looking for some more inspiration? Check out UNESCO's suggestions (click here to view)

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